My Brother’s Keeper was established in 2014 by President Obama.  This program is made up of a diverse group of individuals who all specialize in unique areas to accomplish their goals.  My Brother’s Keeper was designed to bring opportunities to boys and young men of color who would otherwise encounter costly barriers.  MBK wants to empower them with support and resources so that they can be successful.  MBK has a vision to keep them from being a victim of their circumstances, to keep them on a path to success and to reach their full potential. 

MBK has challenged communities across the United States to foster the growth of these young men and to help all children, regardless of whom they are or where they came from, so that they may achieve prosperity.  All children deserve to be treated as your own and to be given opportunities to not only better themselves but to better the community in which they live. 
The MBK Long Beach Task Force is an ad hoc committee of Safe Long Beach, the City’s Violence Prevention Plan. Adopted by the City Council in May 2014, Safe Long Beach addresses a broad safety agenda aimed at reducing all forms of violence, including domestic abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, hate crimes, bullying, gang violence, and violent crime. The Plan draws upon the City's many existing assets to target violence at its root and attain its goal of building a safer Long Beach by 2020.